Multiple LED Module

Very High CRI

Due to the advanced optical architecture and the high CRI of 92, the DL7 module delivers state-of-art performance and produces high-quality light that makes skin tones look beautiful and natural.

Infinite Colour Palette

Imagine you have a palette with every colour shade there is. From rich primary colours to subtle pastel tones, satisfying every aesthetic vision you have. You are the artist. Express your every emotion.

Extremely Smooth Dimming

Be amazed by the 18-bit high definition dimming with superb colour stability. Explore the unlimited possibilities of integrating the DL7 luminaires seamlessly into lighting schemes with existing traditional fixture. All thanks to the phenomenal tungsten emulation.

Remarkable Colour Mixing

You won’t believe your eyes after experiencing the smooth, well-balanced and undetectable colour transitions. And yet entirely capable of instant colour snaps, the module is an exceptional creative tool itself.

Homogenised Flat Field

In an ideal world the light source is without any hotspot or multiple shadows. Welcome to our reality – experience the fully homogenised light output that provides you with the ultimate gobo projection quality and better-than-ever focus.

Low Power Consumption

As with all of our components, we pay extreme attention to detail and settle only for the highest quality possible. We strongly believe in our products and therefore we provide a guaranteed 3-year or 20,000-hour warranty on the LED module, whichever comes first.

The Intelligent Choice

Industry leading operating values. Minimal maintanance. Our use of the very latest optical & electronic technology ensures the very lowest running cost with the highest Return on Investment.

Product Video

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Ideal for TV, theatre and anywhere the highest quality of light is essential.

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